The Lure of Unspoiled Utir Island in Southeast Maluku Regency

When it comes to a vacation in Southeast Maluku Regency, tourists have many options of beautiful nature tourism and landmarks. Kei Islands are indeed famous for its formation of stunning islands. For example, there is Utir. It is an uninhabited isle and becomes a good place for a simple adventure. Some tourists also consider it a good location for relaxation and getting closer to nature. Regardless of the reasons in visiting Utir, tourists should pay attention some important tips to explore the island. This way, they won’t waste any time and effort there.

The Nuance
When it comes to the size, Utir Island is considered small. However, it is surrounded by shady trees and beautiful coastal areas. The sea scenery is also breathtaking! Not to mention the waves are calm, so visitors are able to enjoy water sports safely. Next, it is the breezy wind. Not only it is gusty, but the wind is also warm. That means the island is suitable for relaxation, especially on the beach. Somehow, the landscape of the island can be a good background for photography. Overall, the island exceeds everyone’s expectation!

Exploring Utir Island
As mentioned before, tourists can do many things in Utir Island. These include beach walking, an exploration, photography, and relaxation. Regardless of the fun activities, everyone should know how to explore such uninhabited island. The thing is there are no facilities at all. This explains why visitors should have prepared some items like snacks, bottled water, extra clothes, medicines, etc. This helps them avoid any troubles when exploring the island. Getting around the island can be quite tiring, so it takes many preparations beforehand.

For those who come without a tour guide, it is better to carry a compass or GPS. At least, it helps them perform island hopping and an adventure in an efficient manner. Not to mention it serves as a direction during the island exploration. As an alternative, visitors should come with a tour guide. This person will take care of everything, regarding the route and other services. It is true he costs some money, but he is worth the expense. In fact, he may show tourists the nearby vacation spots as well.

Visiting Utir Island requires both energy and money, as the location is a little bit far from Kei Kecil Island. Not to mention tourists need to save energy for exploring the island later. It is likely any visitors may do some other activities, including swimming, photography, and beach walking. No wonder, bottled water and foods become the primary preparations. As for the accommodation, it can be either camping in Utir Island or renting a hotel room in Kei Kecil Island. That’s personal call.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Kei Kecil Island
  • Ngurtafur Beach
  • Woha Island

How to Get There
Langgur City is the first destination when it comes to a vacation in Utir Island. From Jakarta, the trip takes 7-8 hours to reach Utir. The next destination is Tual Port, on which tourists can find a ferry. From there, it is time to reach Utir Island. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Hotels in Kei Kecil Island

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