Gorgeous Hawang Cave in Letvuan Village, Southeast Maluku Regency

All people should take advantage of nature tourism, as it is the simplest way to eradicate problems. Living in a big city always gives stresses and it bores everyone. In this case, Hawang Cave becomes a good option for those who look for a place to explore and get a unique vacation experience. The location is in Letvuan Village and it belongs to Southeast Maluku Regency. It is about 15 km from Tual or Langgur. Apart from its magnificent structure, the cave is related to the local’s myth as well.

The Nuance
Hawang is a water cave, so you may expect a pond inside it. The fresh and soothing pond attracts visitors and it is considered the best nature bath as compared to others. Why is that? The pond is located inside the cave, so it features majestic stalactites hanging on the roof of the cave. What a unique sensation! In fact, everyone is allowed to get in the water. The thing is you should come with a tour guide, as he keeps you from getting stranded when exploring Hawang.

Exploring Hawang Cave
The first thing to do in Hawang Cave is to learn the history of it. According to the locals, the cave was once visited by a man and his dog. They drank water in the pond but said bad words instead of being grateful. Due to the sacredness of the cave, the man and his dog got cursed and turned into stones. This explains why the cave is called Hawang, which means “arwah” or spirit. Despite this story, the cave remains popular among travelers. It is because visitors want to feel the sacred aura of it. The locals even believe some ghosts living in Hawang Cave.

The next thing to do is getting in the nature pond, as it offers fresh and rejuvenating water. The source of the water comes from the groundwater, after all. The color of the water is blue and it appears crystal clear! It even connects to another hole, so you can dive in and reach such spot easily. Not to mention the location is near to Ngurbloat Beach, which is another tourist spot worth visiting.

As for the tips, it is better to prepare several things prior to visiting Hawang Cave. The reason is no eateries and facilities are available near to such tourist spot. That means you should have prepared some snacks and bottled water beforehand. When it comes to the accommodations, there are some guesthouses and hotels located near to Ngurbloat Baech.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ngurbloat Beach
  • Langgur City
  • Kei Besar Island

How to Get There
The first thing to do is to visit Langgur or Tual. If you come from Jakarta, an airplane is the most recommended transportation. Once you get to Langgur, the next trip only takes 30 minutes. It is because the distance between Langgur City and Hawang Cave is only 15.8 km. For a faster trip, travelers should take Kabupaten Street! Not to mention it must involve a good and comfortable car.

Where to Stay

  • Langgur Inn
  • Savanna Cottages
  • Grand Vilia Hotel

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