Ngurbloat Beach in Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency

A holiday should feature a good vacation destination, a companion, and a perfect nuance. As for reference, there is Ngurbloat Beach in Southeast Maluku Regency. To be exact, it is located in Tual and it belongs to Kei Islands. The beach is known for its finest sand and beauty. In fact, the beach’s sand is considered the softest in Indonesia! With its white sand as soft as flour, even the Lonely Planet also stated  That means visitors won’t feel a thing when walking on it, as the texture of the sand is pure and soft. Not to mention the beach is suitable for playing sand, sightseeing, beach walking, and water sports.

The Nuance
with its white sand as soft as flour, even Lonely Planet also stated that the sand at the beach Ngurbloat is the finest sand in the world. Ngurbloat Beach is considered the most famous coastal area in Kei Islands, as it has the best sand and beautiful sea scenery. The length of the beach is approximately 5 km and it features a formation of coconut trees on the shorelines. With neat nuance and stunning views, the beach appears quite mesmerizing, especially for those who love water sports. Also, such environment is suitable for those who want to get rid of stresses and life burdens. Thanks to the breezy atmosphere.

Exploring Ngurbloat Beach
Another name of Ngurbloat Beach is “Pantai Pasir Panjang”, which means the long beach. It is because the beach has a long and beautiful shoreline, with the size of 5 km. This explains why beach walking becomes the most common activity on the beach. Tourists can enjoy it by witnessing the formation of coconut trees and feeling the gusty wind. After all, this is a perfect beach with superb scenery and rejuvenating breeze of the wind. Everyone is able to get rid of burdens in an instant.

Once you enjoy beach walking, it is time to explore the sea. The calm and warm water makes a perfect environment for diving and snorkeling. That means tourists won’t get stranded by the waves while enjoying the water. Under the sea, the beauty of the corals never ceases to amaze everyone. It is even possible for beginners to enjoy diving, as the visibility is good. As an alternative, snorkeling would be sufficient to explore such nautical charm. What tourists need is the set of proper gears, including fins, pressure gauge, mask, snorkel, etc.

Next, it is time to enjoy good foods near to the beach. Visitors are allowed to carry snacks and foods to the beach, as long as with the environment concern. There is a prime rule when eating on the beach, which is “never litter”. Just because there are no trash bins in Ngurbloat Beach, doesn’t mean you can throw trashes carelessly. As for an idea, bring a plastic bag so you can put the rubbish in and get rid of them later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bair Island
  • Kei Kecil Island
  • Duroa Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, the prime destination is definitely Langgur City. It is located in Kei Kecil Island and the best type of transportation would be an airplane. In this case, you should head to Dumatubin Airport from Jakarta. Next, take a ferry in Kur Port (Lokwirin Village) and head to Tual. Once you get there, the last trip takes about 30 minutes to Ngurbloat Beach (Pasir Panjang Beach). That is all.

Where to Stay

  • Coaster Cottage
  • Langgur Hotel
  • Asnolia Hotel

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