Langgur City as the Capital of Southeast Maluku Regency

When it is about Southeast Maluku Regency, most travelers would talk about Langgur City. Apart from being the capital of such region, it also provides many attractions for tourists. People also recognize it as the replacement of Tual City as the capital of the regency. Not to mention it is the home of Dumatubin Airport, on which travelers may reach first prior to visitor other parts of Kei Islands. What’s more? It is the home of many tourist spots and offers an interesting history to any tourists.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Langgur City is located near to the sea. Also, it features a bridge that connects to Tual City or Dullah Island. No wonder, it becomes an important checkpoint for those who want to explore Kei Archipelago. The landscape is soothing and many types of facilities are available in Langgur. These include hotels, restaurants, and many others. Moreover, the transportation service is top-notch. Langgur also features many shady trees and parks, where tourists can relax and enjoy the nature.

Exploring Langgur City
So, what can tourists do in Langgur City? It is a crucial question, after all. First, they can learn a little bit history of it. In the past, the Dutch (VOC) didn’t pay much attention to Kei Islands. Why was that? It didn’t produce a significant amount of spices back then. Still, they took a good control over Kei Archipelago and built a good relationship with the natives. Not to mention they gave several valuable items and weapons to those local people. No wonder, some structures and buildings in Langgur share similar characteristics to that of the Dutch.

Apart from its history, Langgur City is also famous for numerous tourist spots. For example, there is Masbait Hill. It is a perfect spot to witness nature scenery, as it is located in a highland. The hill also features the Christ’s Path and Statue. No wonder, most of the visitors are either Christians or Catholics. Despite this fact, regular tourists also come to that location. They want to see the wondrous scenery of nearby islands and feel the breezy wind up there.

Another thing to do in Langgur City is to enjoy the local foods. Many types of delicious foods are available there, including Embal, Asar Fish, Lad, Sirsir, and Langar Cake. They are available either at food vendors or restaurants. When it comes to the most recommended eateries, there are Nadine Café, Jimbaran Seafood, Rindu Rasa, and much more! What tourists need is to explore all parts of the city and find the right place for eating.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tual City
  • Ngurbloat Beach
  • Dullah Island

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Langgur Island has a famous airport called Dumatubin. It is the main destination for those, who come from another province. For example, people from Jakarta should spend 8 hours to reach Langgur City by airplane. What about people who live in Kei Islands? In this case, they can take advantage of local transportation services like buses or taxi. The city features easy routes, in fact.

Where to Stay

  • Langgur Inn
  • Savanna Cottages
  • Grand Vilia Hotel

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