The main gateway into Maluku is through the provincial capital of Ambon, which is served by regular flights to most parts of the archipelago. Air and sea transportation connect the islands themselves together very well. The province has 79 seaports and 25 airports, but only about 4 km of roads. However, good roads on many of the islands provide easy access to the more remote places of interest.


Abdulalie Hotel
Sultan Babullah Street IV Ambon
Phone: (0911) 352057

Amans Hotel
Mutiara Street 53-A Ambon
Phone: (0911) 312470

Amboina Hotel
Kapt Ulupaha Street 5-A Ambon
Phone: (0911) 355515

Ambon Manise Hotel
Pantai Mardika Street 53-A Ambon
Phone: (0911) 353888

Beta Hotel
Wim Raewaruw Street 114 Ambon
Phone: (0911) 353463

Grand Soya Hotel
Cendrawasih Street 20 Ambon
Phone: (0911) 343698

Julian Hotel
Sultan Hasanuddin Street Ambon
Phone: (0911) 343011

Lelisa Beach Hotel
Namalatu Latuhalat, Ambon
Phone: (0911) 362107

Mutiara Hotel
Pattimura Street, Ambon
Phone: (0911) 353075

Manise Hotel
W.R. Supratman Street, Ambon
Phone: (0911) 341445

Nisma Hotel
Sultan Baabulah Street, Ambon
Phone: (0911) 343021

Wijaya Hotel I
Said Perintah Street, Ambon
Phone: (0911) 351976

Hero Hotel
Wim Reawaru Street 7-B Ambon
Phone: (0911) 355973

Jamilah Hotel
Soa Bali Sk Street 33/32 Ambon
Phone: (0911) 353054

Josiba Hotel
Tulukabessy Street 27 Ambon
Phone: (0911) 355653

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