Island Hopping in Kuur Island, Southeast Maluku Regency

What makes Kei Islands a worthy vacation destination? Well, most travelers might say it is related to the limitless options of islands to visit. Due to this reason, island hopping becomes a famous tourist activity there. One of the islands is called Kuur and it is considered the furthest, as compared to other small islands of Kei. That means it often becomes the last destination during island hopping. Still, it is a worthy location to explore. All thanks to the beautiful sea scenery and unspoiled nature.

The Nuance
Kuur Island is an uninhabited island, so visitors should not expect any facilities there. What tourists can only enjoy are the stunning sea and a peaceful landscape. Most parts of the island are covered by trees, pines, and coconut. No wonder, the nuance is quite refreshing and shady. Even the wind is gusty and rejuvenating! Most of the tourists come to Kuur for both island hopping and enjoying the peaceful ambiance. Also, the white sandy beach is quite charming. It is suitable for beach walking and photography, as well.

Exploring Kuur Island
As mentioned before, Kuur Island is suitable for island hopping. It is true the island is located quite far from Kei Kecil Island. However, it has nearby small islands like Manggur, Walir, Tajondu, and Tam. This way, visitors can visit all those islands and explore Kuur one at a time. This is going to be an interesting vacation, as people can enjoy the distinct beauty of those islands in one go. Not to mention they have the major options like Kei Kecil, Kei Besar, Dullah, and Duroa Island!

For those who are visiting Kuur Island, it is better to pay attention to the type of transportation. Usually, tourist would choose Pelni Ship in reaching Kuur or nearby islands. Apart from the ship quality, it is also important to check the weather. It is better not to cross the sea in particular months like December, June, and July. These are the worst choices, as the waves are the strongest! Also, it is better not to come during holidays, as many visitors would roam the port.

Once travelers get to Kuur Island, the flawless beauty of the beach awaits them. The lush trees and white sand look quite majestic! The island is indeed secluded, so it offers a serene ambiance. No one would regret visiting Kuur, especially for its charm. As long as travelers have a good reference of transportation service and visit the island at the right time, everything will be fine. It is better to carry a camera, too.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tam Island
  • Tajondu Island
  • Walir Island
  • Manggur Island

How to Get There
Before heading to Kuur Island, tourists need to pass several checkpoints. From Jakarta, the trip takes approximately 8 hours to Langgur City and the destination is Dumatubin Airport. From there, they can directly head to Tual Port and take a Pelni Ship to Tajondu Island. From such checkpoint, they may continue to the last destination, which is Kuur Island. Despite the long trip, it is going to be a worthy vacation.

Where to Stay

  • Hotels are available in Kei Kecil Island

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