Batu Kapal Island in Sathean Village, Southeast Maluku Regency

When it is about the options of vacation destinations in Southeast Maluku Regency, it seems limitless. One of them is located in Langgur City, which is called Batu Kapal Island. To be exact, it is situated in Sathean Village. Batu means “stone” and Kapal means “ship”. In a nutshell, it is a small island, having a shape similar to a ship. The legend has it. Such stone was a real ship used by the ancestors, who came from Bali. Later, it turned into a stone and remained in such location. Today, it becomes a tourist lure due to its excellent sea water and wondrous nature.

The Nuance
The thing is tourists are not able to explore or get into Batu Kapal Island due to its inappropriate landscape. However, the island features a wonderful nautical environment, on which visitors can go snorkeling. The coral reefs are stunning and the water is warm. Not to mention the sea offers a significant visibility, so everyone can explore it comfortably. Near to the island, some cafes are available and these are located about 200 meters from it. On top of that, the locals provide several boats to rent.

Exploring Batu Kapal Island
Today, most travelers recognize Batu Kapal Island as a recommended spot diving in Kei Islands. Thanks to its stunning sea and majestic nautical objects. Not only it is popular among local divers, but it is also famous among foreigners. Most of them drop by in that location when spending a vacation in Banda Naira Island. When it comes to the difficulty, the sea near to Batu Kapal is suitable for both beginners and experts. Still, a help of an instructor is quite recommended. At least, everyone can avoid dangerous currents when exploring the sea.

Before entering the sea, it is better to prepare everything. These include the snorkel mask, regulator, fins, air tube, etc. Not to mention a diving suit is required, with the thickness of 3mm. A trip to Batu Kapal Island takes about 30 minutes from Naira and the travelers can take advantage of a speedboat. When it comes to the diving spots, some of them are located near to Batu Island. In this case, tourists should take advantage of a diving instructor or guide to choose the right spot for them.

The safest way to explore the sea near to Batu Kapal Island is to form a pair prior to getting in the water. The purpose is to keep people away from getting strayed undersea. The next precaution is related to the supportive items. In this case, an underwater camera is quite recommended. That means tourists are able to take beautiful pictures of coral reefs and fishes there!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tual City
  • Ngurbloat Beach
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How to Get There
From Jakarta, a trip to Kei Kecil Island takes about 8 hours and the prime destination is Dumatubin Airport. Once travelers have reached Langgur City, they may continue their trip to Sathean Village. Next, it is time to reach Batu Kapal Island using a speedboat. Usually, tourists would like to reach Naira Island first before visiting such location.

Where to Stay

  • Langgur Inn
  • Savanna Cottages
  • Grand Vilia Hotel

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