Ad Waterfall in Kei Besar Island, Southeast Maluku Regency

Kei Besar Island is located in Southeast Maluku Regency and it is famous for its nature attractions. One of the most recommended regions to explore is Ad Village, as it is known for its stunning waterfall. Despite its secluded location, the waterfall would never cease to amaze visitors. With its peaceful atmosphere and rejuvenating water, no one gets disappointed visiting the waterfall. Not to mention Ad Village is worth a visit, as it offers a traditional culture and delicious local foods.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Ad Waterfall is similar to other falls located in Southeast Maluku Regency. However, it features shadier trees and bushes. That means it offers more comfortable and refreshing atmosphere to visitors. In some cases, the waterfall becomes a perfect location to find peace and get closer to nature. Not to mention tourists can visit a nearby village, and learn local’s culture. The people living in Ad Village are quite friendly, after all. It is even possible to stay in their house instead of renting a hotel room.

Exploring Ad Waterfall
Apart from beaches, Kei Islands should be proud of their waterfalls. In this case, Ad Waterfall becomes a good recommendation for those coming to Southeast Maluku Regency. One of the unique characteristics of this waterfall is the location, as it is situated near to the local settlement. That means visitors can explore two different tourist spots one at a time, as they are located near to each other. First, it is to enjoy the serene nuance of the falls. Nature would never cease to amaze visitors. Somehow, it becomes a good spot for self-reflection and relaxation.

Not only Ad Waterfall is situated near to the local settlement, but it is also located near to the beach. The distance between those tourist spots is only 100 meters, in fact. Once tourists enjoy good times in the waterfall, they can either visit Ad Village or the beach. It is even possible to visit both of them! What everyone needs is only a local guide, as he might show the best route to reach those places. Along the way to Ad Waterfall, there is a chance of meeting with local explorers (pecinta alam). They often come to the waterfall both for an adventure and relaxation.

The last thing to do is to visit Ad Village, as it is rich in culture. The locals are quite approachable, and they might provide good services to visitors. It is even possible to eat dinner with them! The foods are good and the atmosphere is friendly. What can beat such kind of experience?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Langgur City is the first destination prior to reaching Ad 1tLanggur City is the first destination prior to reaching Ad Waterfall. From Jakarta, take an airplane to Dumatubin Airport, which is situated in Langgur. Next destination is Tual, where travelers can get a ferry and head to Kei Besar Island. From there, take any local transportation service to Ad Village.

Where to Stay

  • There are only nearby hotels in Kei Kecil islands

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