Beautiful Heniaar Island in Southeast Maluku Regency

Kei Archipelago is part of Southeast Maluku Regency and it features many islands and beautiful tourist spots. For example, there is Heniaar Island which is located in the midst of Tayando island group. Not to mention it is the smallest among the 3 inhabited ones. Heniaar is popular for its easy accessibility and excellent seawater, which is suitable for water sports. No wonder, many travelers would enjoy snorkeling and swimming there. Also, the island has a stunning beach with its white sand. During the low tide, visitors can even visit the nearby island called Walir.

The Nuance
In terms of size, the island is not quite big as compared to the others. However, it has many nature attractions and features. Most of the island is covered by trees, bushes, and rocks. As mentioned before, tourists can walk to the nearby island when the low tide. There is even a nature lake between them! When it comes to the beach, the sand is white and the waves are moderate. Still, the seawater has a good visibility so tourists can explore it and go snorkeling wholeheartedly.

Exploring Heniaar Island
Snorkeling and swimming are two popular activities in Heniaar Island. Thanks to the great nautical attractions. Even though beginners can also enjoy snorkeling, they must come with an instructor. It is because the water can be quite rough sometimes, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Another precaution is to use proper equipment, including fins and diving mask. The thing is there are no nearby facilities, which provide such items. That means visitors should have prepared them beforehand.

The next popular activity in Heniaar Island is island hopping. It is because the location is near to other islands, including Walir and Tajondu. All of them are worth an exploration, as they offer the same beauty as Heniaar’s. The only requirement is a good local boat and provisions. These include the right clothes, medical kit, a snack box, bottled water, and money. As for the tip, you can take advantage of a tour guide. This person would arrange the schedule and find the best route to explore all tourist spots, which are located near to Heniaar. Despite the price, it is a worthy expense.

Another thing to do in Heniaar Island is photography. It is because the island has many stunning objects, which are worth a photo shoot. As long as visitors use the right camera, the results will be satisfying and beautiful. As an alternative, the island can be a good spot for a pre-wedding photo session. The serene nuance and flawless beach are the main reasons behind such motive, actually.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tajondu Island
  • Walir Island
  • Nurseen Island

How to Get There
It takes much time to reach Heniaar Island but is worth an effort. From Jakarta, travelers only need to visit Langgur City (Dumatubin Airport). Next, it is a short trip to Tual Port and a voyage using a ferry to Heniaar Island. Despite such long trip, no one would get disappointed in visiting the island. After all, it gives great rewards like wondrous nature and comfortable atmosphere to any tourists.

Where to Stay

  • Hotels in Kei Kecil Island

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