Exploring Pelicans in Ngurtafur Beach, Southeast Maluku Regency

There are many ways to enjoy a wonderful holiday and one of them is to visit beautiful beaches. In Southeast Maluku Regency, you might find a good spot called Pasir Timbul Beach. The other name is Ngurtafur, actually. Apart from being a stunning coastal area, the beach also offers a distinct attraction – the habitat of pelicans. These unique birds often gather on the beach for feeding, so tourists are able to interact with them comfortably. Not to mention there is an opportunity for taking pictures with these magnificent creatures.

The Nuance
The name Pasir Timbul derives from the sand carpet, which separates two seawaters. Tourists are allowed to walk on it, as it is quite safe. From this area, the flocks of pelicans are seen! They fly around and walk on the shorelines beautifully. Apart from the sand carpet and pelicans, the beach features a stunning sea. The water has the color of light blue and there are no flaws at all. A perfect nuance, which is surrounded by sea creatures, never disappoints you for sure. It is likely the beach becomes photographers’ heaven!

Exploring Ngurtafur Beach
It is true tourists have different reasons in visiting Ngurtafur or Pasir Timbul Beach. However, the best thing to do is to witness pelicans. The reason is the beach becomes a new habitat of those birds. They come to Maluku from Australia either for breeding or feeding. Some of them might fly around the beach when the others walk on the shorelines comfortably. Not to mention there are some pelicans relaxing on the sand dunes. Due to their presence, the beach becomes merrier and livelier and tourists are able to interact with them.

In terms of number, there are about a hundred of pelicans in Pasir Timbul Beach. They usually come to Ngurtafur Beach during a migration season (summer). The thing is these Australian Pelicans won’t be in such beach forever, as they may fly to other locations over time. Therefore, it is better to learn the schedule first before visiting the beach. At least, you need to take advantage of the locals regarding the best time to meet those birds.

In a nutshell, Ngurtafur Beach is a suitable place for passionate birdwatchers. Thanks to the environment. Many pelicans come to the beach due to comfortable sand and good atmosphere, so they can relax wholeheartedly before continuing their migration. Now that’s a great chance to capture some photos and interact with them. It is even possible to get near to these wild birds and to touch them. Be careful with their beak, though!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
First things first, you need to head to Langgur City. For those who come from Jakarta, it is better to use an airplane and the destination is Dumatubun Airport. Next, it is time to reach a nearby port and ride a ferry to Woha Island. From there, you can use any local transportation service to the beach, which is your final destination. Have no worries. The trip only takes 30-45 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Evalin Homestay
  • Philips Homestay
  • Coaster Cottage

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