Taam Island in Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku Province

Kei Archipelago consists of many islands, including Taam Island. Taam is the southernmost island of Kei, so it seems secluded and uninhabited. However, it has many attractions for tourists including shallow beaches, white sandy coastal areas, lush forested hills, and coral reefs. That means Taam Island is a perfect destination for a vacation retreat, where tourists can eradicate stresses at once. Some people even consider Taam as a place for finding peace, as they want to escape from a hectic city life. This explains why many Jakarta people visit this island.

As mentioned earlier, Taam Island consists of many types of nature attractions. The beaches are the most popular destination, as they feature beautiful white sand and many fishermen’s houses. The sea is calm as if it lures visitors to get in the water. Also, you may see some local boats passing by. If you get lucky, you are able to ride on one of those boats! What’s next? Near to the local settlement, you may see shady trees and numerous plants. Some animals are also seen there.

Exploring Taam Island
Tourists have many things to do in Taam Island. For example, it is visiting the fishermen’s settlement near to the beach. The locals live near to the coastal area since it is easier to reach the sea and catch fishes. That means you may expect some traditional houses and boats near to the beach. It is even possible to join the fishermen looking for fishes in the sea, as long as you can communicate with him well. In some cases, you might need the help of a tour guide or a local interpreter.

Apart from such fishermen’s village, Taam Island offers some good spots for snorkeling and diving. The visibility is good and the sea features majestic coral reefs, after all. For those who don’t like water sports, beach walking can be an option. It is because the sand is quite soft and the atmosphere is gusty. You can even walk on the beach without any footwear. Thanks to the soft texture of the sand.

Now, it is time to explore the specialties of the locals. Some villagers would offer visitors dried yellow eggs with cheap prices! These are worthy commodities, so you should never miss them. Another unique specialty is the traditional pottery. In terms of shape and characteristics, it is similar to that of Bandanese. All of those items are authentic and valuable, so those can be the best souvenirs despite their fragile condition.

Nearby Attractions

  • Walir Island
  • Tajondu Island
  • Utir Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, you need to head to Kei Kecil Island first. In this case, your destination will be Damatubun Airport in Langgur City. From there, take a local transportation service to nearby port and head to Tajondu Island using a ferry. The next checkpoint is Walir Island and you still use a similar transportation option. This brings you to the last destination, which is Taam Island.

Where to Stay

  • No hotels, so you have an option to rent a room in a villager’s house

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