Witnessing Unique Sosoy Kibas Dance in Maluku Province

Nature tourism is part of Maluku Province’s charm. However, there are more than just nature attractions in such region. For example, tourists are able to enjoy a beautiful dance lake Sosoy Kibas. The locals call it “Tari Kipas” and the meaning is the fan dance. That means the dancers might use fans as their main property. This unique and beautiful entertainment is originated from Kei Islands, but it has become common entertainment in Maluku Province. Today, it even attracts tourists from different regions.

The Nuance
Sosoy Kibas Dance is performed by 5 dancers and all of them are females. As the time went by, male dancers are also allowed to perform it. The primary costume is dominated by red color and there is accompaniment music called “Api Injil”. This combination is quite mesmerizing and it becomes a distinct entertainment for both the locals and tourists. This dance is usually performed at special events and during the visit of an important person to Maluku Province. Therefore, it is better to learn the schedule prior to visiting Kei Islands.

Enjoying Sosoy Kibas Dance
People of Maluku (Moluccas) retain Sosoy Kibas as a local tradition, and they perform it proudly. The purpose is both to maintain Maluku’s tradition and to entertain the audience. After all, it is an important inheritance of the region. For parents, this traditional dance is useful to introduce the kids about the local culture. For tourists, the dance becomes both entertainment and a symbol of culture. It also helps the government to obtain more foreign tourists over time. In fact, any people are allowed to learn a bit about the dance and perform it.

The accompaniment of Api Injil music and beautiful moves of the dancers make Sosoy Kibas an amusing performance. Not only the adults, but kids also can enjoy the dance wholeheartedly. Due to this reason, more local parents start introducing it to their children. The purpose is to improve the awareness of the local culture. As for outsiders, the dance can be a primary attraction when spending a holiday in Maluku Province. Either way, Sosoy Kibas becomes more popular as the time goes by.

The moves in Sosoy Kibas are quite meaningful and attractive. Not to mention those represent the flawless of beauty. In fact, not all people are able to imitate those movements. The use of fans tells how the dancers are able to moves swiftly like the wind, so it appears mesmerizing. Overall, there is no reason not to enjoy such dance during a vacation in Maluku Province. Don’t you agree?

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How to Get There
The origin of Sosoy Kibas Dance is Kei Archipelago. That means such region becomes your primary destination for enjoying the best performance of the dance. If you come from Jakarta, the best transportation option is an airplane and the destination is Dumatubin Airport, which is located in Langgur City. This trip takes approximately 7-8 hours. Despite the long trip, it is quite worthy to visit Maluku Province.

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