Ohoi Udar Waterfall in Kei Besar Island, Southeast Sulawesi Province

The waterfall is one of the best references when it comes to enjoying nature tourism. For those who come to Southeast Sulawesi Province, there is a simple and unique waterfall to visit. The name is Ohoi Udar Waterfall. Ohoi means “village”, actually. That means it is a waterfall, which is located in Udar Village. So, what makes it special? Most of the visitors are impressed by its beauty and rejuvenating nuance. Not to mention it features refreshing atmosphere, especially in the morning. Today, more tourists come to the location to capture beautiful pictures. After all, photography is a recommended activity in such area.

The Nuance
There are reasons why Ohoi Udar Waterfall becomes a good place for photography. For instance, it features an unspoiled beauty of nature. Not to mention the falls is not quite high, so it can fit a frame of a picture with a person in it. The flows of the water are not quite strong, either. That means the splash of the water won’t reach the camera or ruin it. Another reason is the presence of rooted cliff. Somehow, it becomes a good background for photography.

Exploring Ohoi Udar Waterfall
The best thing to do in Ohoi Udar Waterfall is photography and get in the nature pond. The water is fresh and rejuvenating, after all. It helps everyone to eradicate stresses once getting in the water. Since visitors are going to get wet, it is wise to prepare extra clothes! For kids, the pond is accessible but they must have been supervised by parents. Also, the land is quite slippery so it is better not to get around carelessly. In a nutshell, those coming to Udar Waterfall should learn some tips prior to visiting the location.

Weather plays an important role when it comes to spending times in a waterfall, especially for those who are into photography. According to the expert, the best time to take pictures of a waterfall is in overcast. What about the sunny weather? It is not recommended. During strong overcast, photographers or tourists can have a moody image, so the result will be more appealing and worthy. Udar Waterfall is indeed stunning, but it looks better in such time.

Next, it is about the filter. When taking pictures in Udar Waterfall, tourists should consider using a filter. Why is that? The splash of the water might produce mist, so the lens won’t work well. Not to mention it might produce fog! In order to take care of this issue, the use of a filter is compulsory. With all these things in mind, everyone is able to capture beautiful moments when visiting Udar Waterfall. That’s it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach Ohoi Udar Waterfall. Travelers only need to reach Langgur City first, which is located in Kei Kecil Island. From there, take a trip to Tual and ride a ferry to Kei Besar Island. Lastly, it only takes a short trip to Udar Village. The whole journey is both fun and tiring, so tourists must have prepared everything beforehand. These include the accommodation, snacks, money, bottled water, and extra clothes.

Where to Stay

  • There are only nearby hotels in Kei Kecil islands

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