Sasi Tradition of Kei Archipelago, Southeast Maluku Regency

Kei Islands offer numerous types of attractions, including nature tourism and culture. For those who are into local traditions, there is Sasi. It is a well-known local culture of Kei Tribe and Mollucas. Today, tourists often take an opportunity to learn about such tradition when spending a holiday in Kei Islands. After all, it is a worthy culture. Sasi means “a cease of consumption”. In this case, the locals would not harvest their crops and fishes for about 6 months or more. The purpose is to retain nature resources and give a respect to the earth.

The Nuance
Not all people in Maluku apply Sasi. That means tourists need to visit specific villages in order to witness and learn such culture directly, including villages in Kei Kecil and Kei Besar Island. During the event, the locals won’t work either on the farm or sea. They only depend on their food reserves and wait for the next harvest time. At the end of the moment of Sasi, they usually gather in the pond and catch some fishes together. This is a merry event, so tourists can enjoy it much.

More about Sasi Tradition
It is true Sasi has become a new tourist attraction in Kei Islands. Still, it retains as a customary law and it has a significant influence on villagers’ way of living. The purpose is to control and teach how to wisely manage the crops. Not to mention it helps the villagers to retain the richness of nautical resources like fishes, coral reefs, and any water ecosystem. Also, it has the purpose of avoiding rough exploitation of those resources.

For tourists, Sasi Tradition becomes both new knowledge and attraction. In fact, there are two types of Sasi, which are “Sasi Darat” and “Sasi Laut”. The first one is related to the exploitation management of the farms or any land resources, while the second one is related to the water resources. When people perform “Sasi Laut”, they would build a sign, having the shape of a mushroom (hawear). Once this sign is enacted, no one is allowed to cultivate fishes or any resources in such location. Tourists would definitely enjoy such procession!

It is true tourists are allowed to witness and learn about Sasi Tradition, but it requires a permission. Not to mention spectators should give a respect to the procession and should not make any noises. Taking pictures are allowed, especially at the end of it. Both Sasi Darat and Laut are worthy, so everyone should never miss it. When it comes to the villages, where the tradition is performed, tourists a can visit any nearby settlements in either Kei Kecil or Kei Besar Island. That’s it.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Tual City
  • Dullah Island

How to Get There
A 7-hour trip using an airplane to Dumatubin Airport won’t be a burden. Once tourists have reached Langgur City, they can simply head to nearby villages using a taxi or other local transportation services. This trip takes only a few minutes up to 1 hour. For a faster and more comfortable trip, they can take advantage of a tour guide. This person knows the best routes and speaks a fluent local language, which is useful to the clients.

Where to Stay

  • Savanna Cottages
  • Langgur Inn
  • Grand Vilia Hotel

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