Visiting Al-Mujibah Mosque in Selayar Village, Southeast Maluku Regency

Religious tourism becomes an option when it comes to visiting Southeast Maluku Regency, especially in Kei Islands. As for reference, there is a small mosque in Selayar Village. The name is Al-Mujibah and it becomes a unique tourist spot in Nuhu. In fact, it is situated near to Ngurbloat Beach! On top of that, the mosque was built near to the sea, so visitors are able to witness stunning sea when exploring the mosque. Not only tourists can enjoy religious tourism, but they are able to enjoy breathtaking views of the nearby environment!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the size of Al-Mujibah Mosque is small, so it won’t accommodate lots of visitors. The locals use the mosque to give a prayer, especially the Moslems. Apart from being a place for praying, tourists often come there for resting and enjoy both the structure and nearby scenery. No wonder, the location is quite near to the sea. The mosque uses four colors, which are yellow, green, blue, and orange. This combination is indeed appealing. When it comes to the interior, it is clean and neat. It resembles a regular mosque, after all. In the yard, there is a sign written the name of the mosque.

Exploring Al-Mujibah Mosque
Most of the visitors come to Al-Mujibah Mosque for praying. It is common sense. However, tourists can take advantage of this building for resting before continuing their trip to nearby tourist spots. The calm nuance and clean environment of the mosque are quite suitable for relaxation, after all. The thing is visitors are not allowed to make any noises inside. It is because other people are praying, so everyone should keep silent. That means talking out loud is prohibited!

Some tourists also have a particular motive in visiting Al-Mujibah Mosque, which is to get closer to the God. Moslems often come to the mosque to find inspirations and replenish their spiritual quality. After all, religious tourism becomes quite popular these days. Not only the mosque is popular among the locals, some outsiders often come to that location during their vacation in Kei Islands. It is because they are interested in the strategic location of the mosque and want to give some prayers there.

Another interesting activity in Al-Mujibah Mosque is sightseeing. Located near to the sea, the mosque becomes more popular among tourists. No wonder, people keep coming as they want to rest and explore that location in comfort. Some of them even carry a camera, as they want to capture beautiful objects near to the mosque. These include the sea, trees, local buildings, the people, etc.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ngurbloat Beach
  • Uhiteer Island
  • Uhiwa Island

How to Get There
So, how can tourists reach the mosque? The first destination is Langgur City, which is the capital of Southeast Maluku Regency. Travelers can reach such city using an airplane and the destination is Dumatubin Airport. From there, they can simply head to Nuhu and Selayar Village. The best route to use is Kabupaten Street, as it is considered the most comfortable and the fastest one.

Where to Stay

  • Ohoiew Island Resort
  • Asnolia Hotel
  • Savanna Cottages

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