Sosoy Temar-Rubil Dance in Maluku Province – The Dance War

Maluku Province is known for its lush nature and beautiful beaches. Still, it offers other attractions like local dances. One of them is called Sosoy Temar-Rubil Dance, which means the dance of war! The locals call it “Tarian Perang” and it becomes one of the best tourist lures in Maluku Province. As the name suggests, the dance represents the bravery of local men. In fact, some female dancers also join it. That means the dance can be performed by anyone regardless of the gender. Usually, the locals perform it during customary celebrations.

The Nuance
Sosoy Temar is considered a mystical dance, as it involves some sacred moves. Not to mention the dancers might get possessed during the performance. According to the locals, the ancestral spirits may come every time the dance is performed. No wonder, some dancers are at risk in getting possessed by them. When it comes to the number of performers, it reaches up to 30 people. The accompaniments are flutes and drums, so it becomes merrier as the time goes by.

Witnessing Sosoy Temar-Rubil Dance
Many things are available to enjoy during the performance of Sosoy Temar or the War Dance. For example, it is related to the equipment. The dancers carry several weapons and accessories, which are unique. These include a shield & sword (for men) and handkerchiefs (for women). When it comes to attires, the men wear a red-yellow dress and a cap made of aluminum. There is a small white feather, too. These male dancers also wear red pants, which symbolize the courage and patriotism of people in Maluku.

Apart from the equipment and accessories, Sosoy Temar Dance also has a unique meaning. According to the locals, the dance becomes the sign of respect to the ancestors of Moluccas. In the past, people live a sailor and they conquer the sea bravely. In fact, some of them become pirates and often conduct a festive ceremony during the procession. The question is why the dancers carry a sword in the right hand. It symbolizes the pride of people in Maluku, which should retain forever.

What about the shield? The locals consider it as the symbol of rebellion against any injustice, including the poor government’s policies. During the procession, the dance looks mystical and sacred. When performed flawlessly, some dancers might get possessed by the ancestral spirits. This is not something bad, as the locals consider it a blessing. For tourists, such phenomenon is indeed uncommon and jaw-dropping.

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How to Get There
Sosoy Temar-Rubil Dance is originated in Maluku province, so you must visit such region prior to witnessing the dance directly. For those who come from Jakarta, an airplane is the fastest option of transportation. The destination is Langgur City, on which Dumatubin Airport lies. Despite the 8-hour trip, it becomes a worthy vacation for everyone. The thing is you need to get the schedule of the dance performance prior to visiting Maluku. It is a must!

Where to Stay

  • Savanna Cottages
  • Langgur Inn
  • Asnolia Hotel
  • Grand Vilia Hotel

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