Evu Nature Bath in Langgur City, Southeast Maluku Regency

Travelers have many options for relaxation and one of them is to enjoy nature tourism. Spending a holiday in nature is indeed recommended, especially for those who look for a fun and comfortable experience. As for reference, there is Evu Nature Bath in Langgur City and it belongs to Southeast Maluku Regency. Apart from being a nature bath, Evu becomes a significant fountain and water supply for nearby cities. These include Langgur and Tual. Not to mention it has an easy approachability!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Evu Nature Bath features beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by several trees and plants. Also, some traditional gazebos are available so visitors can relax and watch their family members bathing. When it comes to the water, it is fresh and rejuvenating. The thing is the water is a little bit deep, so parents should supervise their kids when enjoying the water. In terms of the environment, the nature bath is indeed clean and neat. Thanks to the local management. There is almost no trash in that location.

Exploring Evu Nature Bath
Tourists need to pay the entry fee prior to entering the nature bath, including the parking fee. This tourist spot opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon, actually. Supplied by natural water, the ponds are quite revitalizing! Thanks to the Nen Masil Fountain (the water source of Evu Nature Bath). In a nutshell, bathing is the prime activity to do in Evu. With parents’ supervision, even kids are able to enjoy bathing. It is because the water is a little bit deep for children.

Next, it is to enjoy the local snacks and drinks. After taking a bath in the fountain, tourists should try “gorengan” (local fries) and seafood! These snacks are available near to the ponds, after all. It is because the locals run eateries there. The seafood includes clams, squids, and crabs. All of them are quite tasty, as they are cooked using local seasoning. No wonder, some foreigners often come to the nature bath and try the local foods. The taste and texture of those foods are unique, after all.

Another thing tourists can do in Evu Nature Bath is to learn the history of such tourist spot. Evu was derived from “Nen Mas-Il”. The meaning is “the return of the gold”. Have no worries. The locals might tell and explain it to any visitors, as long as tourists can communicate well with them. Due to this reason, many visitors come to the the nature bath with a tour guide. It helps them to talk to the locals efficiently, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lodar El Square
  • Ngilngof
  • Dullah Island

How to Get There
First things first, travelers need to reach Langgur City in Kei Kecil Island. From Jakarta, it may take 7 hours using an airplane. From Langgur, the next trip takes about 35-40 minutes using a local transportation service and the destination is Evu Village. Along the way to the location, travelers would be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and soothing atmosphere. Thanks to the nature!

Where to Stay

  • Langgur Inn
  • Grand Vilia Hotel
  • Aurelia Hotel

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