Visiting Secluded Ngav Island in Southeast Maluku Regency

Located in the east part of Kei Kecil Island, Ngav becomes a tempting vacation spot in Southeast Maluku Regency. This small island is also located near to other small islands like Er and Godon. No wonder, most tourists come to such location for island hopping and water sports. Not to mention the island features a secluded atmosphere, so it is suitable for relaxation and retreating. The thing is visitors should cross the sea using a ferry prior to spending good times in such island. Despite accessibility issue, there is no reason not to drop by in Ngav Island!

The Nuance
In terms of size, Ngav is bigger than Er and Godon. It features many nature attractions like beaches, coral reefs, and hills. In the coasts, the white sand would astonish any visitors. Not to mention the shallow and calm seawater make it a perfect place for water sports. In fact, there are some good spots for snorkeling. Thus, the jaw-dropping underwater scenery never ceases to amaze divers, including stunning corals and nautical creatures like a group of blacktip sharks! Now, that’s a real attraction.

Exploring Ngav Island
A vacation in Ngav Island is going to be an adventure, as tourists are able to explore nearby vacation destinations as well. At the first day, the prime destination will be Ngav. This is an important spot, on which tourists can go snorkeling and swimming. In fact, the island has stunning corals and fishes. Not to mention the visibility is excellent! Even beginners are able to enjoy snorkeling wholeheartedly. The thing is everyone should have eaten breakfast prior to getting in the water. This can be done in Ohoidertawun village, before crossing to Ngav.

In the next day, tourists can continue exploring Ngav and nearby Islands. As for reference, there are Ngodan, Er, and Nai Island. All of them offer a distinct nautical beauty, so visitors should never miss any of them. Snorkeling and swimming are two popular activities in those locations, after all. What’s next? Before getting back to Ohoidertawun or Kei Island, it is better to take some pictures of the environment using a camera. All of the nature objects in Ngav Island are worth a capture, for sure.

At the end of the trip, it is time to enjoy dinner in Dullah. Some local eateries may satisfy any tourists’ hunger, providing the best local specialties like Embal, Lad, Asar, Sirsir, and Langar Cake. As long as tourists have chosen the right tour package, it is possible to get the best amenities. These include transportation, foods, accommodations, life jackets, and snacks!

Nearby Attractions

  • Masbait Hill
  • Er Island
  • Godon Island
  • Luvat Cave

How to Get There
It takes a little bit effort to reach Ngav Island. From Langgur City, the first destination would be Ohoidertawun Village. Next, it is time to reach nearby port and ride a ferry to Ngav Island. For outsiders, the first destination would be Langgur City and it involves an airplane. That means the trip becomes longer and more tiring. Still, it is quite worthy.

Where to Stay

  • Savanna Cottages
  • Ohoi View Island Resort
  • Asnolia Hotel

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